Burlington Family Portraits

burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo001 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo002 Burlington Family Portraits burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo005 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo006 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo007 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo008 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo009 Burlington Family Portraits burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo011 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo012 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo013 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo014 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo015 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo016 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo018 burlington-family-photography-mount-nemo024Burlington Maternity Photosburlington-family-photography-mount-nemo022Burlington Maternity PhotosHamilton Maternity Photos

Capturing genuine emotion is such an important part of how we create photographs, and that extends to our family portraits as well. We want to put a twist on the classic family portrait and mix simple poses with candid fun. You really see the personality of the kids shine through, and can feel all the love. It turns a family portrait into a story, a window to a special time in your family’s life.
Mount Nemo in Burlington is one of our favourite locations and it really shines in this session. We had so much fun capturing these family photos, candids, nice portraits of the parents, and some beautiful maternity photographs too!